If you work in the Construction Industry you know that time is precious . Many of the terms we use are very similar to terms used for things that really aren't related to construction. Words like framing, sheathing, structure, wood, connections, plates and many others. Typical search engines will provide 1000's of results that have no connection to our needs in the construction industry. You certainly aren't interested in picture framing when you are looking for construction framing details. We with our sister site Buildersplanet.com and with the help of Google have created a search engine that searches only construction related web sites and information. We are constantly refining and adding new sites to our search engine. With this search engine you will quickly find the information you need with out having to weed through and filter out the non industry related garbage. We've already done that for you. Soon we will be allowing others to contribute suggestions to add sites to our search engine. At this time though we are using our limited resources to personally select the sites we feel are of importance. Our staff is made up of building industry professionals, not typical web programmers. Thus you can be sure very few unrelated sites show up in your search. Add us to your favorites and see your search results quickly improve.

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